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Bella turns (turned) 10!!!

February 3, 2017

Bella turns (turned) 10!!!

February 3, 2017

What is the average amount of time it should take one to blog about her child’s birthday after it’s taken place?! Asking for a friend 😉 If you say “five months,” then that is the correct answer, apparently to me 😉 But honestly, I just can’t get it together any faster than that these days it seems. Maybe that should’ve been my New Year’s resolution, instead of being sober? Hmmmm. Maybe next year folks!

Panda of course for our sweet Bella!

Anyways, enough about me; back to Bella! Yall, turning TEN is a BIG DEAL! “DOUBLE DIGITS MOM!!!” So Bella wanted to do a somewhat big birthday party, and I obliged. She went back and forth about what she wanted to do, but her love of art won in the end, and we had it at Anders Ruff Workshop!

I love their window displays!

For those who don’t know what this adorable place is, for starters, it’s located in downtown Pineville close to where my old cakery was! It’s on Main St, next to Kiki’s Cottage, near Global Restaurant, and is quite possibly the cutest place you’ve ever seen! AND it just so happens to be owned by one of my very dear friends, Maureen, who I met through the party circuit. No, we weren’t holding glow sticks at raves together; I’m talking about the invitations and cake kind of party. 🙂 Maureen and her business partner, Adria, started AndersRuff Custom Design, and I would make the cakes for their elaborate parties, photo shoots, their kids’ birthdays, etc. Here are just a handful of the many we did together!

For a pizza themed party!
For a Ninja themed party!
For a superhero themed party!








When Maureen moved to Milwaukee, she started another new business, a brick and mortar store devoted to creating art using wood and paint! When she moved back down here, she found the perfect spot in Pineville and set up Anders Ruff Workshop! They host classes often, but you can also book them for private parties, which is exactly what we did for Bella’s birthday!

Bella invited her friends…some from preschool, our old neighborhood, her old school, her current school, and family! Bella stays friends with everyone she meets, so I had to edit the list quite a bit because it could’ve gotten out of hand! We picked a kid friendly project of pillows with each friend’s favorite animal, and their monograms, on it! Maureen even found a hedgehog and a donkey for the girls who asked for them 🙂 Yes, a hedgehog!

So how it worked, is the girls picked their animal and let me know their monograms, so the stencil was made ahead of time and ready to go when we got there! Then, when we arrived, they picked the paint colors they wanted to use on their projects, and went from there! The instructors really made it so easy for each girl to do a great job on her pillow, and brought out each of their personalities too! It’s a success in my opinion when each girl leaves happy and with a proud smile on their faces!

Check out each girl with her project:

Look at them!!! And not only did they love the craft project, but there’s an awesome hang out area with a couch and some chairs, a bar (for lemonade in this case), and even a little retail area of the shop to buy home decor!

I can’t recommend this place enough for a birthday party, no matter the age! I’ve also been to a Christmas party there where I made this sign…

I love this one of my logo:

And of course my United States of America sign!

If you’d like more info, here is the Pineville location, but Maureen has franchised and now has MANY locations around the US. To see the list of locations, click HERE!

Anders Ruff Workshop
322 Main St
Pineville, NC 28134

And now to introduce their COMMERCIAL:

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  • Carol Hargrove February 3, 2017 at 1:33 pm

    Hi sweet Miranda (Mandie) – I was duplex neighbors with your parents back in the “day” – loved them so much and honestly, I do believe, that conception was right there in that little old duplex in Overland Park, Kansas, as opposed to the Grand Torino thing — so, you might be a little Kansas girl there, Dorothy…….
    Congrats on your blog —

    • February 8, 2017 at 11:46 pm

      Hi Carol!

      So good to hear from you! Based on timeline, she swears it was in Charlotte, but I was called Dorothy my whole life because of my Kansas connection! And I wear it with pride 🙂 xo

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