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December 14, 2022


December 14, 2022

The five gift guides I’ve done so far this year are on this post! I have the teen/tween, hostess, for her, for him, and stocking stuffer gift guides below! Shop until your heart’s content!

The links will be below the picture collage, and you’ll be good to go to click and purchase from there! 

These are affiliate links, which means I make a small commission on the purchases you make by going through me!

  1. Bose Speaker…wireless, waterproof speaker perfect for outdoors, sports, travel
  2. iWALK Charger…mini, portable charger for iphones (no cord needed)
  3. Mushroom Night Light…mini light plugs into wall and has 7 changing colors
  4. Playstation Controller…wireless gaming controller with built in microphone
  5. Adidas Bag…great for sleepovers, sports practices, and available in multiple colors
  6. Lululemon Bag…lululemon fleece bum/crossbody bag
  7. Record Player…vintage looking record player with bluetooth capabilities
  8. Xbox Gift Card…$50 gift card, but you can do any increment
  9. Converse Shoes…the classic Chuck Taylors but with a platform (Bella’s fave)
  10. Adidas Cap…relaxed fit, color wash cap
  11. Saucer Chair…cozy, faux fur saucer chair to nap/relax in
  12. Hair Clips…large, claw clips in neutral colors
  13. Polaroid Album…beautiful album that will hold all of the pictures they take
  14. Lava Lamp...just like the classic (Bella loves her lamp)
  15. Fuji Camera…instant camera that comes in several colors
  16. Headphones…great set of headphones for a fraction of the price of the name brands
  17. Ivy and Lights…perfect for the aesthetic!
  18. Sports Net…great practice net for all types of sports
  19. Sunset Lamp…lamp and projector, with a remote control (360 degree rotation and 16 colors)
  20. Custom Neon can get anything in neon so customize the perfect sign!
  21. Tortilla Blanket…Lilly’s favorite blanket, and it always makes me giggle to see her wrapped in it
  22. Mini Pool Table…the girls have this and play it multiple times a day
  23. Nintendo Switch…7 inch screen, 64GB memory
  24. Airpod Case…neon case with keychain holder on it
  25. Pure Vida Bracelet…you can get anything from this brand and the receiver will be happy!
  26. Dr. Marten’s Boots…Lilly wears her boots when she isn’t wear her Cons!

That’s just the start!!! I know the brands below are also super popular for teens and tweens to shop from, so I’ve included the links to the main pages. You can buy anything through them, so I won’t link anything in particular.

H&M…shop HERE
Forever 21…shop HERE
Urban Outfitters…shop HERE
Aerie/American Eagle…shop HERE
PacSun….shop HERE
Hollister…shop HERE
Abercrombie…shop HERE
Old Navy…shop HERE
Altar’d State…shop HERE


1. Bob Ross Mug…add your hot liquid and watch the happy, little trees appear
2. Celebrate with Babs…everyone’s favorite IG grandma has a cookbook all about celebrations
3. Sweet Water Decor Holiday Candle…made in the USA and is a small business
4. Candle Accessory Kit…wick trimmer, snuffer, and wick dipper
5. Headache Hat…cold cap for migraine relief, and relieves pressure
6. Fabric Attacher…this little device fixes any clothing pinch your host may be in
7. Salt and Pepper Grinders…beautiful and functional for any home
8. Salad Dressing Bottle…has multiple recipes on the bottle for all sorts of dressings & USA made
9. Charcuterie Puzzle…1000 piece puzzle of a gorgeous charcuterie board
10. Waffle Towel…you can customize this towel for your host, and it’s a small business
11. Acrylic Tray...white tray perfect for any host to use in their house
12. Glass Honey grade, beautiful glass hive jar and honeycomb stir stick
13. Salted Honey…Bees Knees delicious, salted honey
14. Clean Angel...small business all-purpose cleaner and three towels
15. Acrylic Napkin Holder…Beautiful napkin holder
16. Cocktail Napkins…so many options, but I love these ‘Just a Splash’ ones
17. Wine Backpack…insulated, and holds two bottles
18. Fabric Shaver…this little gadget takes pilling off of anything on fabric and makes new again
19. Bamboo Boards and Wooden Spoons…four boards and six spoons for multiple gifts
20. Telestrations Game…such a fun game of Telephone, but in sketch form

  1. Levoit Air Purifier...HEPA filter purifies the air, and you can control it with your phone
  2. Zo Skin Scrub…best exfoliator I’ve ever used and worth every penny
  3. Charcuterie Board…large board for the person who loves to make the perfect charcuterie
  4. Cheese Utensils…20 pieces including cheese knives, slate food markers, tiny forks and spoons
  5. Beautiful Boards Book…a cookbook filled with tons of charcuterie boards and more
  6. Set of 3 Gold Rings…three stacking rings Lilly tells me are “super popular, Mom”
  7. Herb Garden…LED light indoor garden that my mom got as a gift and loves
  8. Friends LEGO Set…the one where you get that Friends lover the perfect gift in LEGO form
  9. Jewelry Organizer…great anytime, but especially for travel
  10. Electric Blanket…cozy sherpa blanket, machine washable, and multiple levels of control
  11. States Necklace…customizable necklace with two states and a heart (pick your states)
  12. Peloton…great workout, and I’m a fan of the LaneBreak option on the Peleton (find me Mirandainclt)
  13. Berkey Water Filtration…clean water system for home or outdoor use
  14. Plate Bowl…when you want a plate, but also a bowl at the same time…perfect for all meals
  15. HopeBox…a subscription/gift box service full of items that spread hope and self care
  16. Towel Warmer…one of those special gifts for anyone on your list, especially if they have everything
  17. Nespresso…at home espresso machine for a coffee lover on your list
  18. Artwork Necklaces…make the kids’ drawings/artwork into one-of-a-kind necklaces!
  19. Capri Volcano Candle…so many people love this scent
  20. LED Face Mask…evens skin tone, reduces pores, and helps with acne
  21. Hair Mask…this rich conditioning hair mask helps all hair types feel silky smooth
  22. LED Magnifying Mirror…great skincare and makeup mirror; get extra close-up w/ magnifying
  23. Le Creuset 5 Piece Set…dutch oven, catch iron skillet, and pot with two lids
  24. Lululemon Bag…Lulu’s popular bum bag in fleece form
  25. Kate Spade Bag...cream and black leather crossbody bag
  1. 23 & Me Ancestry…find out the ancestry and connect with family members
  2. Car Mount…this heavy duty phone mount is for 4Runners, but this brand makes all types
  3. Leaf Blower…this Milwaukee leaf blower is my husband’s best friend
  4. Milwaukee Batteries…you’ll need these for the leaf blower; one to use and one to charge
  5. Balega Socks…the BEST running socks with awesome arch support
  6. Muscle Massager…deep tissue massage gun that is super portable
  7. Cotopaxi Bag…this book bag is my hubby’s fave and it’s super strong and holds a ton
  8. TV...65 inch smart TV for a steal at Walmart right now
  9. Wrench Set…40 pieces with a reversible ratchet
  10. Charging Dock…3 in 1 wireless charging station, including apple watch/air pods/cell
  11. Record records, cassettes, radio, and bluetooth syncs to the phone as well
  12. Solo Stove…this portable, smokeless, wood-burning fire pit is perfect for home or camping
  13. Meat Thermometer…wireless, dual probe thermometer for the chef or grill master
  14. Popcorn Machine…nostalgic, retro popcorn machine makes 10 cups each time
  15. Yeti Tool Box…waterproof, tough cargo box which is great for tools or anything else
  16. Survival Kit and Mini Stove…everything you need to survive including a tiny stove
  17. State Photo Map…travel the country and put the pictures in the corresponding states
  18. NFL Tumbler…awesome tumbler customized with the fave team’s logo
  19. Headphones…noise cancelling bluetooth headphones for music/gaming/etc
  20. Ice Machine…this is THE ONE that makes the good nugget Sonic/Chic fi A ice
  21. Whiskey Decanter and Glasses…gorgeous glass decanter/2 glasses you can customize/engrave
  22. Dumbbells…Bowflex adjustable weights from 5-52.5 pounds
  23. Weekender Bag…Leather weekender bag great for the gym, office, travel
  24. Ninja Blender Trio...blender great for smoothies, milkshakes, soups, and two individual cups
  25. Neck Fan…hot-natured people will love this neck fan
  26. Tablet/Phone Stand…use this to film, watch movies, keep on your desk/nightstand
  27. Head Lamp…see while camping, working on the car, running outside and more
  1. Portable Battery Wall Charger…plug into wall and charging cords are built into device
  2. Christmas Lights Charging Cord…this Christmas lights cord is perfect for the season
  3. Kate Spade Earrings…these studs look like fireworks exploding, and are gorgeous!
  4. Neck/Eye Pad…microwavable pad with lavender scent for any spot on the body
  5. Gua Sha…use with face oil and massage your skin; helps with sinus pressure too
  6. Clinique Black Honey Gloss…cult classic Clinique lip gloss perfect on any lips
  7. Personal Alarms…6 pack of safety alarm keychains with lights
  8. Ice Roller…facial ice roller, and also great for injuries, reduces swelling
  9. Beanie…Old Navy holiday beanie on sale
  10. Milk Frother…Great for coffee, hot chocolate, etc. at home
  11. Curling Wand…this is the hair curling wand I use and love
  12. Eye Patches…Pixi Beauty DetoxifEYE eye masks are some of my faves
  13. Makeup Remover Pads…3 reusable makeup remover pads
  14. Microphone…whether you love karaoke and/or to make silly voices, this is fun!
  15. Gift Cards…Amazon sells a variety of gift cards that always fit in a stocking
  16. Electric Lighter…rechargeable lighter so it never runs out of fluid
  17. Echo Dot can plug this into the wall & pop the echo dot in to free up counter space
  18. Tiles…attach these to things you often need to find (less likely to misplace things)
  19. Mighty Patches…use these on pimples and breakouts to get them to heal quicker
  20. Whiskees…these are straws with whisks on the end to keep smoothies, shakes, etc. blended
  21. Charging Bank…multiple USB ports, and plugs with a 5ft cord; great for travel
  22. Wine a bottle of wine with ease and takes up little space
  23. Sheet Clips…I swear by these clips that keep fitted sheets on mattresses
  24. Laneige Lip Mask…viral sensation that keeps your lips smooth as can be

Thank you for shopping these guides! Your support this month has meant so much to me, and my family! Just a reminder, you never have to buy anything I link for me to still get commissions on your purchases. Just getting to an online site “through” me is good enough! So if you’re shopping Amazon (for example), you can click on any of my Amazon links to get there, and buy whatever you want, no matter what I’ve linked!


Don’t forget, the email subscribers get first dibs on the guides, so sign up HERE if you haven’t already!

Have a very merry rest of the holiday season! xoxo

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  • Tomarra Londeree December 22, 2022 at 2:26 am

    These are so great! Perfect gift guides for everyone! Thanks for putting this together so people like me look good for their family and friends on Christmas!

  • Alyssa | January 4, 2023 at 11:52 pm

    What a great collection of gift ideas!

    So happy to have found another Charlotte blogger to follow – I can’t wait to see what 2023 has in store!

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