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wear gift guide all from amazon 2019

December 2, 2019

wear gift guide all from amazon 2019

December 2, 2019

Phew!!! I had to take a short break from my gift guides to celebrate Thanksgiving with my family, as we do a five day extravaganza, or as my Aunt Jenny calls it, “a march, not a vacation.” It’s a family reunion, where all nine of my grandma’s kids (and their families) come into town, and there is something going on every hour from Wednesday through Sunday! It’s the BEST, but it’ll kick your arse!

But I’m back to the gift guide grind, and at your service, and picking up where we left off! So far you’ve seen the WANT guide HERE, and the NEED guide HERE! I’ve had a little bit of trouble with the links, but I’ve ironed out the kinks (I hope), so if you haven’t shopped them yet, you should be good to go now! And if you’re wondering where I’m getting the categories of WANT, NEED, WEAR, READ, you can read about them HERE!

That means the WEAR GUIDE is up next, and it’s full of things that go on a body, obvi 😉 But I tried to think outside of the box a bit too! And I thought about all of the age ranges, and people that you’re close with, as well as people that you may not know as well, but that you’re still gifting! Super affordable gifts on this list, some stocking stuffers, and an apple watch (huge cyber monday deal)! Let’s get to it!

I have to say this every time…I am an Amazon affiliate, which means that at NO additional cost to you, they pay me a very small commission. It also means that you can shop “through” this ANY time you want to shop on Amazon, even if you NEVER buy anything I link on here, and I’ll still receive a small commission. It’s one of the ways I keep the proverbial lights turned on around here, and just know I’m eternally grateful for the pennies I make from your purchases!

  1. Thermal socks If you know someone with perpetually cold feet, or a person who works out in the cold, who ice fishes, hunts, hikes, camps, etc. they need these socks!!
  2. Alex & Ani bracelet You pick the metal color and then select the birth month and the gem will be the birthstone! This makes a great gift for a MIL, wife, sister, daughter….really anyone!
  3. Scarf Loving this oversized scarf and the variety of color options there are, so make sure you check them out once you click the link! Great to travel with as it doubles as a small blanket, or even to nurse with if you want to cover!
  4. Fedora This hat is awesome and comes in so many different colors, and the price is right! You can also adjust the tightness of the hat!
  5. Headbands I love a hair accessory and yall know this! This huge pack of headbands is affordable, cute, and I think would make great gifts for all of the teachers in my girls’ lives (I’ll split them up and attach each with a gift card, of course, since that’s what they really want)! But check out these other ones HERE, and then these with pearls on them HERE! I need these (but I’m not shopping for myself, I know I know)!
  6. Capri leggings These are my FAVORITE amazon leggings to date, and I didn’t “get” the side pockets at first, but I’ve converted, and now totally understand why people love them! Fits TTS!
  7. Messenger bag This real leather and canvas crossbody bag is unisex, and would be awesome for anyone who commutes to work, or is always on the go! Check out the other colors too….price is on point!
  8. Steamer Obviously you don’t wear the steamer, but you NEED it for your wears! Yall, put the irons away, and start steaming your clothes. You’ll thank me later! It’s so much easier and faster IMHO!
  9. Towels Someone recently gifted us towels, and I almost cried! Why?! Because we’ve always had a hodgepodge of towels throughout the years…just ones we’ve somehow collected along the way. None matched. They all had random logos on them. One said BEER in all caps. A few had been used as drop cloths for Bella’s art projects. If you know people like us, GET THEM TOWELS! They’ll be so happy, I promise!
  10. Makeup Lorac’s eyeshadow palettes never disappoint and this one is so good, especially for a dramatic eye look! If you’d like a more natural feel, check this one out, but seriously, they both have so many great options!
  11. Robe My dad always got my mom a robe growing up and I just think it’s sweet to get something so cozy at Christmas, and just lounge around in it all day! There are LOTS of style and color options in this one link, so look around see what would work best for the special someone in your life!
  12. Slippers One of my friends, Madi, talks about these slippers all of the time, and I finally ordered them! Can’t wait to slip my feet into them and feel comfy AF!
  13. Apple Watch I love love love my apple watch and Amazon is having a massive sale on them right now! You can get one with or without the cellular plan (I have without the plan and think it’s just fine)! But if you want the cellular, HERE ya go! This thing does SO MUCH and I can’t say enough about it!
  14. Backpack Joshua hikes a ton, and also carries all of the things when we go all of the places 🙂 So he loves and needs a backpack! He prefers a hiking one, as opposed to one that looks more studious. Click link to see the other color options!
  15. Garmin Our minis had these for years! It was their own version of a fitbit and they loved them! It was a watch, step counter, activity tracker, chore chart, and a few other things wrapped into one! Battery lasts a year and it can get wet!
  16. Gel nail dryer If you know someone who loves to do their nails, they can do their own gel nails with this UV nail dryer just like at the salons!
  17. MaxKare massager You can wear this on any part of your body that needs it and it heats up as well! Three adjustable speeds make it as deep or as light as wanted!

There ya have it on the WEARS! I tried to make them as broad as possible because sizing can tend to be really tough when shopping for wears for people. I tell my loved ones, “jewelry and handbags always fit!” so that’s what I will buy people when in doubt. #protip 🙂 Oh, and if you’d like to pin this post, here’s an image for ya…


Let me know your thoughts on the guide in the comments below, and please share on facebook if you found this helpful…the button is down on the right…the little facebook logo!

Happy Shopping!

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  • Nicole S. December 2, 2019 at 6:30 am

    That picture of you and the minis is everything!!!! 😍 I’ve been loving the gift guides and how different they are from others I’ve seen. You’ve always been a breath of fresh air!

  • Kelly Yale December 4, 2019 at 2:40 am


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