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Target Swimsuit size large Try-on 2022!

April 9, 2022

Target Swimsuit size large Try-on 2022!

April 9, 2022

Can’t stop won’t stop!!! It’s time for my third swimsuit try-on so far this year, and they’re all from Target! If I look at that bullseye logo for too long, I get sucked in to all of their cuuuuute stuff! If you missed my previous try-ons, check out the Amazon one HERE, and the higher-priced ones (Boden, Summersalt, Trina Turk, Albion Fit) HERE! I’m doing Target now, and still have Wal-mart coming up!

Most of these suits are going to run around $40, and as always, if you have a RedCard, you get 5% off every purchase and free shipping! The Target redcard is linked to your bank account, so it acts as a debit card, not a credit card! There’s no bill at the end of the month….it’s simply a debit card that gets you money off of your purchase, bonus coupons, and free shipping! It’s my fave! So the next time the cashier says “do you wan to sign up for the redcard?” I’d encourage you to say “yes!” (I get paid nothing to say this…just trying to help save yall money)

Before we get into that, here are my stats:
Size large/10/12 usually (I let you know the size I ordered for each suit)
36/38 D/DD (depending on the day)
30 in jeans
You can see all of these suits on my body in video form on my IG stories right now HERE, and in my highlight bubble “swim ’22” so you don’t just have to rely on the pics below! Just tap through until you see the Target ones if you want?! But you’ll also see the Amazon and higher-end ones in that same bubble!

K, let’s get started!! I’ll have the direct affiliate links for each suit in the title and they will be purple. The size ordered will be underneath that, and then a few comments about the fit will be under the picture! And I’ll apologize now for my dirty mirror; I didn’t realize it was bad until the pics! #facepalm

Scallop High-Coverage Swimsuit
Size: Large
Color: Blue

This suit is absolutely beautiful, holds you in without being suffocating, has a scallop detail and tie at the chest. It has a high back and full booty coverage! This suit comes in four colors (burgundy, black, dark green, and I’m in the oxford blue)!

Bunny Tie High-Coverage Swimsuit
Size: Large
Color: Green Marker

Another absolutely stunning suit, not only color, but also fit! I love the little tie at the chest, and the adjustable straps on the back. Another one with fully booty coverage and it perfect for running around, chasing kids, etc!

Waist detail Over the Shoulder Swimsuit
Size: Large
Color: Black

Every year, I look for THE black bathing suit. THE one that rivals the black one I got from Wal-Mart years ago that I swear by. And YALL, I think I found it!!! Again, apologies for the dirty mirror preventing you from seeing the actual details that make it so good! But once you click on the link, you’ll see their better pictures! It’s the waist details that I’m so in love with, and I need yall to go look at them! Those, along with the criss cross at the chest, the adjustable straps, and the booty coverage, make this the perfect black suit in my opinion!!

Pique Bandeau High-Coverage Swimsuit
Size: Large
Color: Multi

I love everything about this suit! The pattern is so fun and feels vintage to me. You can wear it strapless, and as I show you in the video by jumping up and down, it will stay up! It comes with two straps, but I usually make one of them as long as possible and wear it like a halter (fun little hack for ya)! I also like that you can tie at the chest as tightly or as loosely as you want so you can get the perfect fit no matter the size of your chest!

Okay, that’s it for the Target round-up! They have some other cute suits that I’ve seen multiple people post and swear by, including this one! If I see my size in store, I’ll grab it and try it on for us!

Again, you can check these four out on my body in video form HERE! And I’ll see you for the Wal-Mart one coming next (Amazon and high-end suits are linked at the top of this post)!

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  • Susan April 9, 2022 at 7:14 pm

    Great suits! I haven’t shopped for suits at Target in a long time and I might have to check them out this year! Thanks for the info!

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