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New address, who dis?! (House update part 4)

Disclosure – Any and all opinions expressed are that of Miranda in Charlotte. No compensation was received for this post. However please note that some of the links in this post are affiliate links. Meaning, at no additional cost to you, I will earn a very small commission if you click through and make a purchase using the link.  Hi friends!!!…

Tips & Tricks for Traveling with Kids!

Traveling with kids?! Are you terrified and already dreading it, assuming the kids will be horrible and ruin your will to live?! Well, never fear because I have some ideas that might make it more manageable, and potentially save your life (and their’s). This doesn’t sound dramatic at all, does it?! LOL! Disclosure – Any and all opinions expressed are…

Best advice for a high school graduate?!

When I tell people that I coach high school JV cheerleading, I usually get the response, “You’re a SAINT! I could NEVER be around that many teenage girls and keep my sanity!” or something along those lines. Most people definitely pity me, or tell me how awful high-schoolers are, even if they don’t have kids that age yet. Funny huh?…

Gift guide for Mother’s Day, budget to blowout!

I’ve been asked to share some of my favorite Mother’s Day gifts or ideas, and although I’m not one who likes receiving gifts, I have rounded up some that I would surely take ;), or give to my mom!!! And my point of this round-up is to show you a bit of everything, from budget, to brunches, to blowouts! Hoping…

Nautical Baby Shower

This post is going to be equally beautiful and brutal, or as my friend Glennon calls it, “brutiful.” It’s about one of my best friends, her baby shower…a celebration of a baby boy who was very loved, very desired, very wanted, and who six weeks after we threw them this shower, was born still on his mommy’s birthday. It’s still…

Spring Break boredom busters for all ages!

If you’re like our family, you typically don’t travel anywhere over spring break. It’s just never been something we’ve done due to work commitments, financial reasons, and/or mostly because yall already KNOW how I feel about the beach (where half of my feed is). I honestly LOVE being at home with the minis for the week! No school schedules, no…

How to make easy olive pizza with two ingredient dough!

  Springtime means amazing weather, cookouts, Easter, time with friends and family, and so much more! But it also means that summer is right around the corner, or AKA, the countdown to bathing suit season…ugh! Have you ever heard the saying “summer bodies are made in the winter”? Well, mine is made year-round, but I feel the pressure to undo…

I’m an ambassador for WHO?!!!

Don’t worry; this isn’t getting political! 🙂 I saw a post on IG recently that said, “looking for ambassadors for our clothing brand, Makaila James…apply here!” (or I’m paraphrasing…go with it) I LOVE Makaila James, and their owner Monica, so much! I met her when my bestie’s company’s booth (Bonita Pina) was put next to Monica’s two Christmas shows ago!…

the Greatest Show(o)man Birthday Party

There are affiliate links in this post, which means at no added cost to you, I receive a slight commission if you purchase through my links. This is how I pay for my blog and your support keeps Miranda in Charlotte going strong so I can continue to bring you great content! Thank you! Is anyone else completely OBSESSED with…

Are you ready for a house update?! (part 3)

Are you ready for a house update?! SO.AM.I! 😉 But the truth of the matter is, there kind of isn’t one! {INSERT INTERNAL FREAK OUT} People keep asking me, “how’s the house coming along?!” Because the last update was that the lot was already being graded, was moving quickly, and we were ready to start the permit process. So we…

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About Me

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I'm Miranda, and I'm formerly lots of things (I sold dumpsters, fro-yo, and car parts to name a few), but most recently I was a cakery owner of Got What It Cakes. I'm a mom of two daughters whom I call my "minis,” and the wife to Joshua, whom I call "Stud" (yes, he's even in my phone under that name). Most days you can find me oversharing about my insane life on my InstaStories, in a segment I call "carpool confessions." Follow along as I decide what to be when I grow up, while I navigate my other love, the queen city of Charlotte! I also tend to go by "Mayor Miranda," and am awaiting my key to the city ;) Read More

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