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The best carrot cake EVER, just in time for Easter!

A Got What It Cakes first…top-secret cakery recipes, included in this post, for the first time ever! I owned a cake business for almost ten years, and closed it up about a year ago. It was one of the hardest (and easiest) decisions of my life. That blog post is for another day though! Today, I’m doing something I never…

Chocolate Covered Strawberries, Easter style!

Yesterday, I showed you how to make THESE for an Easter breakfast or brunch idea! But if you’re looking for an easy, and ADORABLE, Easter-themed cupcake treat for your table this year, look no further!!! I’m going to show you how to make a cupcake garden of sorts with chocolate-covered strawberry carrots as the decoration! Ingredient List: Strawberries Chocolate cake…

Cadbury eggs in a Donut nest!

FUN FACTS ABOUT ME: I love donuts I love mini cadbury eggs {I love lots of other foods that are bad for me, but we’ll focus on these two for now} So why not put them together, and make one of the best breakfast items known to (wo)man?!!! And also, let’s be honest, these could be a dessert as well,…

Room Reveals…Bathrooms

All pictures by The Beautiful Mess Photography Well. Let’s just start by saying I’m only slightly terrified to share everything else I did to the house with the public…maybe that’s why it’s taken me so long to type this one up?! See, I didn’t realize I’d break the internet with my first Room Reveal. Read it HERE first. And maybe…

New Year’s Eve hacks for parents of little ones!

Update: I clearly wrote this two years ago, so make sure you change the “2018”s to “2020”s! 😉 Since becoming a mom 13 years ago, New Year’s Eve has changed a bit, and in the last few years, we’ve gone to a hotel and rang in the new year with friends! But when our kids were younger, we always stayed…

Top five tips to be a good host or house guest!

‘Tis the season for having extra people stay at your house, or for you to be staying with others! I know that the holidays are chaotic, and it’s hard to be a house guest in an unfamiliar space, as much as it’s hard to host people and have extra bodies in your usual space! But I think there are ways…

Better than starbucks banana bread?! Here ya go!

Are there certain dishes that you just want to MASTER?! A recipe that you want people to say, “Oh, she makes the BEST ___________ (fill in the blank)!!!” Something that will be talked about long after you’re long gone, handed down from generation to generation?! Well, I think I found that in this banana bread recipe!!! It’s the perfect combination…

Room Reveals…master bedroom and bath!

Disclaimer: I make a tiny commission on some of the links I’ve posted in this article, at no added cost to you whatsoever. When you purchase through my links, you help keep this blog, and all of the information I share on it, going! Thank YOU!!! WARNING: This is a LONG post, but well worth it to get you up…

You’re doing Christmas all wrong.

Yes, you’re doing Christmas all wrong! Yikes. That sounds really harsh, right? But here’s the thing; we were doing it wrong too… UNTIL WE SAW THE LIGHT!!! I can’t remember where I first saw it; I can only assume Facebook? Or possibly Instagram? Doesn’t really matter, but I’m grateful I did, and I’m sure you’ve heard of it as well……

Is your kid obsessed with baking shows?!

Is your kid obsessed with baking shows?! SO IS MINE! Actually, both of my minis go gaga over any kind of baking show…from the Great British Baking Show to Nailed It, and from Sugar Rush to Cupcake Wars! They haven’t found one that they don’t absolutely try to binge watch if we let them. Which is why this new place,…

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About Me

Hey Peeps!

I'm Miranda, and I'm formerly lots of things (I sold dumpsters, fro-yo, and car parts to name a few), but most recently I was a cakery owner of Got What It Cakes. I'm a mom of two daughters whom I call my "minis,” and the wife to Joshua, whom I call "Stud" (yes, he's even in my phone under that name). Most days you can find me oversharing about my insane life on my InstaStories, in a segment I call "carpool confessions." Follow along as I decide what to be when I grow up, while I navigate my other love, the queen city of Charlotte! I also tend to go by "Mayor Miranda," and am awaiting my key to the city ;) Read More

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