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wear gift guide all from amazon 2019

Phew!!! I had to take a short break from my gift guides to celebrate Thanksgiving with my family, as we do a five day extravaganza, or as my Aunt Jenny calls it, “a march, not a vacation.” It’s a family reunion, where all nine of my grandma’s kids (and their families) come into town, and there is something going on…

Need Gift Guide All from Amazon 2019

Let’s keep this gift guide party rolling right along! In case you missed it, I’m doing mine a little different than the rest I’ve seen floating around the Internet! That’s because we do gifts a little different in our house. We have a four gift rule, and only give our kids a want, a need, a wear, and a read!…

Want Gift Guide all from Amazon 2019

If you’ve see my post floating around, you know that we only get our kids four gifts each Christmas: a want, need, wear and read. Yep. They open four gifts, and before you start to feel sorry for them, I promise you, they don’t feel deprived in the slightest! They actually really love the idea and have fully embraced it…

Halloween Party On a dollar store budget

I love a good Halloween party as much as the next person! But y’all, it can get SO DAMN EXPENSIVE to throw one! Between the food, the booze, the decor, the entertainment, and so much more, it adds up! And you can ask the guests to help out here and there, but it still tends to get out of control…

If you aren’t a Camper, Be a Glamper!

I grew up camping with my family! I’ve camped far more times than I’ve ever stayed in a hotel! My parents were fans of pitching a tent, climbing into sleeping bags, and cooking meals over a campfire. Joshua’s family also grew up camping, although they were more the ‘hiking til you found a good spot to lay down and sleep’…

Old Navy Fall Haul!

Yall loved the Old Navy back-to-school round-up I did for the minis a few months ago, and I’ve been asked to do one for the fall, but this time, it’s for the ladies!!! I wasn’t even supposed to be at Old Navy today, but World Market wasn’t open just yet, so I decided a try-on would be a good use…

How to throw the ultimate Tailgate!

If you’ve followed me for any amount of time, you know I’m a MASSIVE sports fan, of ANY kind! And when it comes to picking a favorite, football has to be up there! I love the competition, the amazing plays, the camaraderie, the teams’ legacies, the cheering and even the jeering, and a million other things! But I also love…

Old Navy Haul for kids!

Old Navy is doing one of my favorite sales of the year…but it ends 8/28 at midnight! 40% off, no exclusions! AND if you use your Old Navy card, you’ll get an additional 10% off! So I’m going to keep this short and sweet, and share what I got the girls for their back-to-school wardrobes! Admittedly, I got more for…

Cake Decorating with a SPOON?!

RED, WHITE AND SPOON?! Why do I keep saying “spoon” over and over again?! Because I am desperately trying to show yall cake decorating techniques that are simple, and use things that you already have in your home! Enter the good ‘ole plastic spoon 🙂 Yes, this entire cake was decorated using a plastic spoon! Don’t believe me?! Follow along……

Full day of July 4th food options!

FOOD FOR THE FOURTH?! I’ve got you covered! July 4th is a day full of fun for the Millers! We typically have our big Army truck in some sort of parade, and this year you can find us in the Myers Park neighborhood one! Joshua has so much fun driving it around, watching the kids freak out about a REAL…

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About Me

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