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my secret egg salad recipe

This post isn’t sponsored whatsoever, but as always, because it has Amazon affiliate links, I must disclose them to yall. What that means is, I make a tiny commission if you purchase the egg cooker or slicer through my links, but it is at absolutely no extra cost to you! Amazon just throws me a few pennies as a “thanks,…

Five Friday Faves from famazon

So I know “Famazon” was a stretch, but I really wanted an alliteration, so HERE WE ARE 🙂 If you follow me on Instagram, you know that I have a penchant for ordering things on Amazon, and telling yall that they’re the best things EVER! But it’s been a hot minute since I’ve done a roundup and shared them on…

At 38, I finally know What’s making me sick

My mom would say I was born sick. And she’s right. As far back as I can remember, I’ve been sick with something. I guess I had an issue with breastmilk when I was born, digesting the enzymes, so I threw up all of the time. I had petit mal seizures and heart murmurs. I had croup, and ear infections….

Easy and Delicious Ideas for a Hot Chocolate Bar

Every Christmas morning, my brother, sister, and I would wake up SUPER early. We’d rush into our parents’ room and tell them to get up, and they’d make us sit at the top of the stairs while they did two things in the kitchen… Mom had to make a pot of coffee for the adults Dad had to make homemade…

Read gift Guide All from amazon 2019

The time has come for the last gift guide from our quartet!!! So far you have received the WANT, the NEED, and the WEAR guides! Just in case you missed any of them, you can click on those links, and check them out! I’m trying to watch the items as they sell out and find yall new things to replace…

wear gift guide all from amazon 2019

Phew!!! I had to take a short break from my gift guides to celebrate Thanksgiving with my family, as we do a five day extravaganza, or as my Aunt Jenny calls it, “a march, not a vacation.” It’s a family reunion, where all nine of my grandma’s kids (and their families) come into town, and there is something going on…

Need Gift Guide All from Amazon 2019

Let’s keep this gift guide party rolling right along! In case you missed it, I’m doing mine a little different than the rest I’ve seen floating around the Internet! That’s because we do gifts a little different in our house. We have a four gift rule, and only give our kids a want, a need, a wear, and a read!…

Want Gift Guide all from Amazon 2019

If you’ve see my post floating around, you know that we only get our kids four gifts each Christmas: a want, need, wear and read. Yep. They open four gifts, and before you start to feel sorry for them, I promise you, they don’t feel deprived in the slightest! They actually really love the idea and have fully embraced it…

Halloween Party On a dollar store budget

I love a good Halloween party as much as the next person! But y’all, it can get SO DAMN EXPENSIVE to throw one! Between the food, the booze, the decor, the entertainment, and so much more, it adds up! And you can ask the guests to help out here and there, but it still tends to get out of control…

If you aren’t a Camper, Be a Glamper!

I grew up camping with my family! I’ve camped far more times than I’ve ever stayed in a hotel! My parents were fans of pitching a tent, climbing into sleeping bags, and cooking meals over a campfire. Joshua’s family also grew up camping, although they were more the ‘hiking til you found a good spot to lay down and sleep’…

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About Me

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I'm Miranda, and I'm formerly lots of things (I sold dumpsters, fro-yo, and car parts to name a few), but most recently I was a cakery owner of Got What It Cakes. I'm a mom of two daughters whom I call my "minis,” and the wife to Joshua, whom I call "Stud" (yes, he's even in my phone under that name). Most days you can find me oversharing about my insane life on my InstaStories, in a segment I call "carpool confessions." Follow along as I decide what to be when I grow up, while I navigate my other love, the queen city of Charlotte! I also tend to go by "Mayor Miranda," and am awaiting my key to the city ;) Read More

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