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Most Popular Amazon Items of 2021!

All the cool kids were doing it, so I had to get in on the action! I ran my Amazon affiliate report for the entire 2021 year to see what were the most purchased items by my readers, followers, and peeps! I wasn’t shocked in the slightest by the top 25 items, but I was shocked at the sheer quantity…

2021 Ultimate teen tween gift guide

It’s that time of year!! Time to figure out what to buy the kids in your life between the ages of let’s say 10 and 18ish! Think nieces, nephews, grandkids, godchildren, your own kids, and every other kind you may have on your list! I know what you’re thinking…’they just want a new cell phone!’ And maybe that’s true, HA!…

How to whitewash a brick fireplace with 2 products in 2 hours

When my sister moved into her house, she had me over and pointed out the things she couldn’t wait to change. One of those things was the fireplace, which was a reddish brick. She knew she wanted it whitewashed, as she’s a farmhouse-loving kind of girl (think a lot of LIVE, LAUGH, LOVE up in there). And it was going…

our cross-country american road trip

It’s always been our dream to take our minis on a cross country road trip, Griswold-style, but our destination wasn’t Wally World! LOL! It was the Santa Monica Pier, specifically, they wanted to skateboard and roller skate on it. So we pointed our 4-Runner west, and took I-40 nearly the whole way! In this post, I’m going to outline the…

Summer must-haves on a budget

I’ve done the swimsuit post, and the cover-ups post; I’ve shared my favorite sangria recipe and the best salsa/dip in the world here! All are summer staples in our house, but there are a few random things that I’ve gathered along the way that are clutch during the summer months! And here in NC, these HOT months can span 6-8…

Amazon and Walmart swimsuit Cover-ups 2021 edition

Whether you’re hitting up the beach or the pool, lake or the river, I’ve got you covered #punintended! 😉 I’ve rounded up 10 of my favorite swimsuit cover-ups from Amazon and Walmart this year! I will have a Target one at the end, that I tried on last year, but is still available this year! Oh, and if you missed…

Bathing Suit Try-On 2021 Edition!

Wow! How has this been the longest and fastest year of our lives? Last year’s swimsuit try-on, we didn’t know when we’d ever see the beach or a swimming pool again! Now, people are starting to venture out, vacation, and some places are opening back up! And for those who want to stay close to home, these makes great suits…

Cutest, yummiest & Easiest Valentine’s Day Sugar Cookies

As we prepare for Valentine’s Day, I’m tickled to share that I have found THE one. No, not Joshua, even though he’s my Valentine, DUH! 😉 I have found THE cut-out sugar cookie recipe that has me convinced I can’t imagine finding a better one, maybe ever?! It’s delicious, holds it’s shape, quick and easy to make, and doesn’t need…

Hot Chocolate Bombs, my way!

Every year, there seems to be the newest, clever dessert “thing” around the holidays, and this year THE THING is hot chocolate bombs! I’ve seen them all over social media, and I thought to myself, ‘I can make those!’ I don’t drink coffee, or hot tea typically, so when I want a hot drink, hot cocoa is it! And listen,…

gift guide 2020: sephora haul

Okay, so beauty isn’t my thing. I mean, I love to make yall giggle during my “makeup tutorials,” where I try to do a full face of makeup using whatever product is left in my brushes. So gross, I know. LOL! That’s my kind of “beauty,” but luckily I have a bestie who knows Sephora like the back of her…

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About Me

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I'm Miranda, and I'm formerly lots of things (I sold dumpsters, fro-yo, and car parts to name a few), but most recently I was a cakery owner of Got What It Cakes. I'm a mom of two daughters whom I call my "minis,” and the wife to Joshua, whom I call "Stud" (yes, he's even in my phone under that name). Most days you can find me oversharing about my insane life on my InstaStories, in a segment I call "carpool confessions." Follow along as I decide what to be when I grow up, while I navigate my other love, the queen city of Charlotte! I also tend to go by "Mayor Miranda," and am awaiting my key to the city ;) Read More

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