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Bathing Suit Try-On 2021 Edition!

Wow! How has this been the longest and fastest year of our lives? Last year’s swimsuit try-on, we didn’t know when we’d ever see the beach or a swimming pool again! Now, people are starting to venture out, vacation, and some places are opening back up! And for those who want to stay close to home, these makes great suits…

Cutest, yummiest & Easiest Valentine’s Day Sugar Cookies

As we prepare for Valentine’s Day, I’m tickled to share that I have found THE one. No, not Joshua, even though he’s my Valentine, DUH! 😉 I have found THE cut-out sugar cookie recipe that has me convinced I can’t imagine finding a better one, maybe ever?! It’s delicious, holds it’s shape, quick and easy to make, and doesn’t need…

Hot Chocolate Bombs, my way!

Every year, there seems to be the newest, clever dessert “thing” around the holidays, and this year THE THING is hot chocolate bombs! I’ve seen them all over social media, and I thought to myself, ‘I can make those!’ I don’t drink coffee, or hot tea typically, so when I want a hot drink, hot cocoa is it! And listen,…

gift guide 2020: sephora haul

Okay, so beauty isn’t my thing. I mean, I love to make yall giggle during my “makeup tutorials,” where I try to do a full face of makeup using whatever product is left in my brushes. So gross, I know. LOL! That’s my kind of “beauty,” but luckily I have a bestie who knows Sephora like the back of her…

Gift Guides 2020: amazon Beauty Edition

The third guide is up for grabs! If you’ve missed the TEEN/TWEEN, HERE ya go, and then the FOR HIM is also up for your consumption HERE! If you’ve followed me for any amount of time, you’ve probably seen me talk about Kristin, and her PLETHORA of beauty products. I giggle every time we travel together, or do spend-the-nights, and…

Gift Guides 2020: for him

Time for gift guide number TWO! If you missed my first one, the TEEN/TWEEN one, you can check it out HERE! And I’ve done two beauty guides….Amazon beauty is HERE, and Sephora is HERE! But this one is all about the MEN! We’re talking hubby, boyfriend, father-in-law, grandpa, brother, nephew, cousin, coworker, boss, etc.! Think of the dudes in your…

Gift Guides 2020: For the teen/tween

It’s the most wonderful time, of the year! I am SO EXCITED yall have been asking if I’m doing these again this year, and I’m happy to oblige, as always! The first one I tackled was the TEEN/TWEEN guide because those are the ages of my girls, Bella and Lilly, and I figured they are the demo I know best!…

My skincare must-haves from amazon

It is SHOCKING to me that anyone wants to know what I do to my skin, because I couldn’t care less about my skin, and I figured it showed LOL! I don’t wear makeup often, but when I do, I sleep in it. I hardly ever wash my face, and just use water in the shower. If I have stubborn…

Amazon Prime Day 2020 Finds

Now I’ve…had…the PRIME of my life! And I’ve never felt this DAY before. I swear; it’s the truth, and I owe it all to YOUUUUUUOOHOOH! Yall know my love for Amazon Prime runs DEEP, almost as much as my love for Dirty Dancing! And I started writing this blog post while at my parents’ Lake Lure house, where some of…

11 best bathing suit cover-ups 2020: target haul

I feel like a broken record at this point by saying this at the beginning of all of my blog posts (like THIS one and THIS one), but here’s the deal. I understand that this summer is going to probably for sure look different than all of the other summers we’ve had before. And that may mean that you aren’t…

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About Me

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